Flexibility Brings the Blessing | Part 1 of 4

The current social and economic atmospheres are a breeding ground for a myriad of negative thoughts, emotions and actions. With so many people facing dire financial, vocational and family woes, you may find yourself “wishing” you were someone else, with someone else — living life in another person’s shoes. Simply wishing and daydreaming won’t change circumstances. But, being flexible can change everything.

And coupled with the Blessing of the Lord, flexibility can change your life. In Genesis 12:2-3 God not only told Abram that He would be blessed, but that he would be a blessing. And in Deuteronomy 28:1-14, God said that every thing they put their hands to would be blessed. What type of flexibility did this require? In both of these references God also commanded his followers to be flexible in their actions. The human being had to make changes. Abram had to leave his kinsmen. The children of Israel had to fully obey the commands He was giving them. Herein is where flexibility brings the Blessing. I've witnessed people hinder the Blessing in their lives because of a lack of flexibility in certain areas. I’d like to share some insight on these. Vocational, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual flexibility can enhance your daily life and perpetuate the Blessing no matter the environment.

Imagine a person full of life, movement and vitality who is suddenly stifled by arthritis or paralyzed in an accident. These circumstances would be quite dejecting to this individual who is now unable to move at will. The same concept is applicable to the aforementioned areas of flexibility. God said in Malachi 3:6, “I AM the Lord, I change not.” This verse identifies the fact that if we are going to walk with God we must be flexible — we must be willing to change. And God is so all-powerful that He causes us to become more flexible the more we conform to His will and ways. We become more like Him. This type of malleability cements us in the fact that acting on the unchanging Word of God brings us into unlimited ability and freedom.

Be blessed friends and have the perfect day everyday!
Psalm 138:8

— Shon Stevens is a writer and professional fitness instructor. Shon lives in Texas with her husband and two children.
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