How To Be Fruitful.

In this message taken from accounts of physically barren women in the Bible I draw parallels on how we can be delivered from spiritual barrenness.
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  1. Good day

    today i hard oportunuity to listen to this amaizing massage on fruitfulness,

    i am writing this from Mozambique and today i was a bit sad and thinking how can i act in faith for God to bless me with children.

    that is when i entered on google and just googled how to walk in faith.

    i am so thankfull to this message and i ask God for grace to put inpractise.

    i would like to have this message and share with more peaple and i can not do it. can you please help by sending it to my e-mail?

    God bless you


  2. Here is a link...see if you can copy and paste it to share..(sorry not real swift on computers).